Nongtips Nails

Welcome to the Nongtips Nail Page

- I do nails for money in the Chicago Area -

--This website is still a work in progress--

Here are a couple things that inspire my nail art
  • Cute things- bananya, chococat, keroppi, mameshiba, pusheen, etc.
  • Shiny things- I'm a sucker for anything holographic, glitter + metallic.
  • I love working with both bright colors and dark vampy colors. All the colors and shades. This is not helpful.
  • Cartoons + Manga
  • All things CLAMP - Cardcaptor, xxxHolic, RG Veda, Wish, Chobits, etc.
  • Flowers, Fruits & foods
  • Stars, Moons, & magical girls
  • Shapes found in nature and elements, particularly water; blobs, swirls, bubbles, clouds, waterdrops...

I started building this space in March 2023 with the goal of leaving IG and Meta. This website will eventually be the home for Nongtips.